26 Oct 2018

Let the Competition Begin!

A couple of competitors from China getting in some practice!    Photo credit: Abdullah Minhas

Friday 26th October 2018:  At 08.00 hrs precisely the tunnel was up to speed for the 1st round of FS 4-Way Female. There are 8 teams entered with Great Britain heading up 3 of them.  Following their success in Australia with Silver, NFTO is aiming for the big one! By the end of Round 4 GBR's NFTO are holding their position with 110 points over France's Female FS team on 105. With Sweden's girls currently in 3rd position with 99 points, it's still very much an open playing field.

Round 4 in FS 4-Way Open is still being judged, but we saw France leap-frog Belgium in Round 3 by taking a 3 point lead over Hayabusa. You have to take the knocks when you're at the top of the league, but for those of us watching from the sidelines, it makes it an exciting competition.

The scores are now in for Round 4 and it's evident that Haybusa's performance was way below what we've come to expect of them. Round 4 saw France score an impressive 57 points against Hayabusa's 47, consequently extending their lead to 13 points. One can only surmise the effect this set-back has on the team.

Tunnel General View

Elsewhere, USA's SDC Core VFS team - the current World Champions - continue to command their lead over Russia, now at Round 4 with a 9 point lead. Watching these guys 'up close and personal' really demonstrates their skills to the full.

Our junior flyers are really honing their skills too, with both Canada's Air Devils and France's Junior Team equal on 60 points at the end of Round 3. 

The solo Freestyle Juniors are just so mesmerising to watch, notably Yi Xuan Choo from the same Singaporian stable as Kyra Poh, who is currently in 2nd place behind USA's Kayleigh Wittenburg by just 0.2 of a point.

Kyra has now has now stepped up into the Solo Freestyle event where she is sat in third position.  Newcomer Toms Ivans from Latvia is currently filling the top slot after 3 rounds, with Poland's Maja Kuczynska on his heels.  There is only 0.5 of a point between the top 4 places!

The Dynamic 2-Way flyers have started their qualifying rounds - so fast and furious! Indeed, by the end of the day's flying they had completed all of their 3 qualifying rounds, with Singapore's Team Firefly at the top of the table!

Tomorrow promises to be equally exciting in all events!