10 Oct 2018

Let the Euphoria Continue into Day 4!

Some of the Judges being taken for a ride!     Photo credit: Sue Fitchett

Wednesday 10th October 2018:   Not only were new World Records set yesterday in FS, but QAT also entered the record books with a new Continental/Asia Record for their FS 4-Way Open Round 6 jump, attaining 53 points.  Their fellow QAT 2-Way Sequential jumpers also set a new Continental/Asia Record with the longest  sequence of 33.

What has become apparent is that whilst the USA were only brief holders of the World Record yesterday, a North American Record has never been made, so that is a record that they can claim.  Similarly in the euphoria of yesterday, we didn't realise that France set a new European Record in FS 4-Way Female of 56 which in turn established a New World Record which had also been set back in August 2010 by their fellow compatriots.

To bring you up to date with where we currently stand:

Formation Skydiving: Rds Completed Currently Jumping
4-Way Open 6 / 10 7
4-Way Female 6 / 10 7
4-Way VFS 8 / 10 9
8-Way 6 / 10 7

The leader board at the moment in 4-Way Open: Belgium leading with 188 points, USA 182 and France 171. With four rounds still to go it isn't in the bag for anyone! As for 4-Way Female, France leads with 176, Great Britain on 132 and USA 112. The rest of the field are fairly equally placed, so maybe the 3rd place will change. In VFS the USA is standing clear of the field on 170, Canada with 140 and Australia on 134 with the remaining countries unlikel;y to be a threat to any placings. The 8-Way event leads with Russia on 145, USA's scores are showing yet for the rounds so can't establish their placing right now. That then reflects on Qatar's position, although they have a score of 119.

Canopy Formation: Rds Completed Currently Jumping
2-Way Sequential 7 / 8 8 being judged
4-Way Sequential 7 / 8 8
4-Way Rotations 5 / 8 6

In Canopy Formation 2-Way Sequential have actually completed the final Round 8, although we are still awaiting the results of Qatar's re-jump from Round 7. In first position will be France 1 on 215 points, but whilst their Team 2 have been on their heels throughout the competition, Qatar will take the silver medal once their rejump score is known, as France 2 ends on 180, Qatar only needs 3 points to push France into 3rd position.

As expected, Qatar takes the Silver Medal as their re-jump from Round 7 scored them 23 points, giving them a total of 202 points.

The Qataris really know how to fly canopies - in CF 4-Way Sequential they totalled 107 points, taking a 30 point lead over Russia. Australia will take the Bronze medal with a score of 54 points.

Artistic Events: Rds Completed Currently Jumping
Freefly 7  
Freestyle Skydiving 7  

The Freefly event completed a short time ago with France 1 and France 2 taking Gold and Silver medals with 62.6  and 62.2 points respectively. Norway was their only ever challenger, but as the rounds were flown, Norway was only ever going to get the Bronze medal with their final total of 60.6.

Freestyle have finished their Round 7 but none of the jumps have been scored yet.

Speed Skydiving: Rds Completed Currently Jumping
Speed 7 / 8 8

The entire competition is in its final throws but it certainly looks like it'll be wrapped up tomorrow - all things being equal. The Speed jumpers are also finalising their final Round 8. Earlier in the week I reported that Shane Turner from Australia had set New Australia and Oceania Records in Round 3 of 510.93 kmph. Not content with that, he went on to break that Record in Round 5 with 514.80 kmph then again in Round 6 with 524.62 kmph!

Round 8 has now concluded with the new Speed World Champion title going to Thomas Moritz Friess of Germany with a combined total of 2495.40 kmph, with Australia's Shane Turner taking the Silver medal with a score of 2474.99 kmph with the Bronze medal going to GBR's Charles 'Max' Hurd with a score of 2459.12kmph.