14 Oct 2016

Miguel Gutiérrez Honored in Bali

Many of us know Miguel Gutiérez, competition organizer extraordinaire. On proposal of the Mexican NAC, FAMEDA, the CIVL Plenary awarded Miguel its Hang Gliding and Paragliding Diploma. Before the opening of the FAI General Conference in Bali, Indonesia, Miguel was honored with his Diploma in front of the 150+ FAI Vice-Presidents, Commission Presidents and representatives from the Indonesian authorities. Congratz Miguel!


The FAMEDA nomination reads:

Reasons for nomination:

1- Mexican Hang Gliding 1976 and Paragliding 1987 Pioneer.

2- Founder of first Mexican Hang Gliding and Paragliding school: Alas del Hombre (more than 3,000 students).

3- Participation on eight FAI World Hang-Gliding Championships and two FAI World Paragliding Championships.

4- 6th place on 1993 Hang Gliding Championships, Owens Valley, USA.

5- Organizer of:

  • 11 editions of Monarca Pargliding Open FAI CAT-2
  • FAI Paragliding Pre-World 2008
  • XI FAI World Paragliding Championships 2009 
  • 2 editions of Peñón Classic Race Hang-Gliding 
  • Paragliding World Cup Super Final 2012
  • FAI Hang Gliding Pre-World 2014
  • FAI XX Hang Gliding Worlds 2015