10 Aug 2021

Mondial - Competition day 1

This morning the Canopy Piloting event started with one round of Zone Accuracy in beautiful conditions.  Then they moved to Carved Speed 70 m due to the increase in winds.

The Speed competition round one was a very good round for most competitors. A lot of new records were set and the following Record Claims have been submitted.

  • World General and North American General, 508.93 km/h by Kyle Lobpries from USA.

  • World Female and North American General, 438.06 km/h by Maxine Tate from USA.

  • World Junior and European Junior, 472.41 km/h by Massimo Caramel from Italy.

  • European General, 503.26 km/h by Marco Hepp from Germany.

This record might seem a little bit strange, but the current World Record set by Luc Maisin from Belgium was never claimed as a European Record, so to set things straight for the future this claim is now being made.

  • European Female, 420.24 km/h by Anastasiia Ignatova Neutral Athlete from Russia.

In Kemerovo the competition will start tomorrow, Wednesday.

The Opening Ceremony took place in Tanay and the competitors from Kemerovo arrived by bus.

Opening Ceremony

The Competitors oath was read by Massimo Caramel, Junior Speed Skydiver from Italy and the Judges oath by the Event Judge for FS 4-way, Claire King.

Massimo Caramel Claire King

A spectacular show was put on with the parade of the competitors, speeches were made by officials and the competition was declared open.

As a surprise a bouquet of flowers was handed out to each female competitor and official.

After the offical opening ceremony, ISC President and International Skydiving Museum and Hall of Fame Trustee Gillian Rayner formally inducted Patrice Girardin, ISC President of Honour, into the International Skydiving Hall of Fame. 
Patrice made a short speech to accept his induction and express his gratitude.

You can find official scores from day one at: results.worldskydiving.org 
For FS there are also videos, click on the scores and then on the white and blue video icon.