11 Aug 2021

Mondial - Competition day 2

The morning in Tanay started with low clouds but because of weather and technical problems at the CP Course, they did not start until around 1 pm with Distance, but had to stop again due to weather. Eventually, they managed to complete the round. For Canopy Piloting, two rounds of Speed, Zone Accuracy and Distance have been made.

The day in Kemerovo started a bit cloudy, with more cloud as well as rain forecast. 

Getting out of the buses at the entrance gate to the Athletes’ Tent, each competitor was warmly greeted with enthusiastic applause and cheers from the volunteer staff – what a nice way to start the competition day.

After a team leaders’ meeting which started at 11.35,  the 1st call for round 1 accuracy male was made.

With a total of 58 male, 27 female competitors plus 16 male juniors and 8 female juniors, a round could be completed within 1hr 45. Unfortunately, the rain started soon after the first load took off, so they had to go on a weather hold for about 1 hr.

After one Rejump, they finished round 1 and went straight into round 2. As before, they had to go on another weather hold, as the rain had returned. Luckily enough, after another hour the sky cleared and they even got some sunshine – and more jumping. This change of weather conditions was a challenge for the competitors, although the wind never exceeded the limit.

At the end of day 1, three rounds of accuracy for all categories had been completed, but just before the last competitor landed, the rain returned.

Check the scores here: results.worldskydiving.org