01 Jul 2017

Monte Avena 2017 Paragliding Worlds - Registration

15th FAI World Paragliding Championship has opened its doors to 150 best pilots of the world. The event will take place in Monte Avena - Pedavena Italy 1-15 July, 2017. Today we had very special guests!

The registration took place in Sports center Boscherai in Pedavena. The organization had showed fine preparation level - many things were foreseen such as buffet, chair longs for relax, local delicacies fair, free wifi and even mobile phone charging center. After the registration the pilots who wanted went flying, thanks to the excellent weather with mild wind.

Today we have very special guests! The organization committee also have partner relations with Viaggio Italia - an activity group for people with disability. So for the occasion of the opening of the Worlds championship sevral guys were taken in tandem flights. Even if you cannot walk you can fly. Thus they demonstrated that paragliding gives freedom to everyone!

In the evening the championship was greeted by local civil and church officials - major of Pedavena and parson have come to Boscherai Sports center. 

Tomorrow at 19.00 there will be great official openning ceremony - the pilots will be accompanied by historical procession of Feltre.

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