02 Sep 2018

Moritz ‘Lazy’ Werffeli wins EPFL Drone Racing Cup 2018

Moritz Werffeli won the EPFL Drone Racing Cup 2018 at the EPFL Drone Days on Sunday 2 September, part of the FAI Drone Racing World Cup Series.

The pilot came out top on the final race after three days of competition. Fifty-eight pilots from seven countries took part.

Werffeli, 25, from Zurich, Switzerland competes under the nickname ‘Lazy’.

“It’s the first FAI race I have attended,” he said. “It was a cool race, cool people, good track. I enjoyed.”

The track was “pretty fast” he said, which meant “full throttle all the time.”

Werffeli, pictured centre, has been racing drones for “years” he said. “I started with radio controlled cars. Then I flew drones without the camera, then when the camera came out I got into first person view. It’s really spectacular.”

Drone racing now is “very easy” to take up, he said. “It’s easy to do, easy to buy your equipment and get everything together.”

He added: “To fly well is easy - you need stick time. Go out and fly. No Facebook, no nothing, just fly!”

Photo credit: FAI/Marcus King