24 Oct 2022

New Speed Skydiving Records

The World Championships of Speed Skydiving have been amazing with many new World Records and Continental Records! 

By them we have a new General World Record by Marco Hepp (GER) reaching a speed of 529.77 km/h, a new Female Record by Natisha Dingle (AUS), reaching a speed of 477.88 km and a new Junior Record by Massimo Caramel (ITA) reaching a speed of 508.08 km/h. 

The competition have a total of 32 competitors from 9 countries and today they will battle through the last 3 rounds of competition!

Photo of Jimmy McCarthy (GBR), Niklas Daniel (USA), Kyle Lobpries (USA), Marco Hepp (GER) and Shane Turner (AUS), who all performed with an average speed over 500 km/h for five jumps.