05 May 2011

Paragliding in Piedrahita

48 nations have registered for the World Paragliding Championships and allocation is underway to bring the number of entries to 150 pilots. PG manufacturers are in the process of testing and registering their Competition Class gliders. Pilots will shortly be asked to register their intention to fly Competition Class gliders. The organisers of the 12th FAI World Paragliding Championships, due to start in Piedrahita, Spain, have been working hard to finalise the team entries before the deadline. With 48 teams registered by their NACs, allocation of extra places is now underway. The final figures will emerge later this month. For further information see: www.piedrahita2011.com Paraglider manfacturers and Test Laboratories have been extremely busy these last weeks, ensuring that the latest designs of Open Class paragliders comply with the ‘Competition Class’ rules developed by the OCTWG and agreed by the Plenary in February this year. The list of eligible gliders is now available at: www.fai.org/hang_gliding/compclassgliders. The next stage will be for pilots flying Competition Class gliders to meet the 30 day deadline (5 June 2011) to submit their photographs of their signatures next to the serial number of their wings, to prove they have received their gliders one month before the start of the competition. The OCTWG maintain that this is an important safety factor, that pilots have had the opportunity to fly their wings prior to a Category 1 championship event. The photograph upload facility will be available through the WPRS database, and pilots will be able to register more than one glider. More details will be published as soon as the facility is activated. The ‘Competition Class’ rules apply to all pilots intending to fly an open class wing at a Category 1 championships. Pilots with older open class gliders will need to ensure their wings are compliant, and they will need to upload their photographs by the deadline. A further safety initiative, devised by the OCTWG, but applying to all paraglider pilots in Category 1 events, is to complete a Pilot Experience Form. Every competitor will be required to complete this form, which will also be available for online submission through the WPRS database. Pilots will be required to sign a printed copy of their form at physical registration.