10 Mar 2007

Paragliding World Championships, Manilla - Final Results

Bruce Goldsmith (GBR) is the 2007 Paragliding World Champion. The last day of the competition was Friday. It was task 5 of the competition, and a speed run task was set, of 53.6km from Mt Borah to 20km north of Barraba. Conditions were weak and many top pilots bombed out. But still there were 56 pilots in goal. Bruce Goldsmith said that at one point he was about 100m above the ground, circling in zero for almost half and hour. His tenacity paid off, as he still made it, one of the last pilots in goal. The two gold medal winners, overall and female, each had only 17 points over the pilots in second place, showing how close run this World Championship has been. The final results are: 1. Bruce Goldsmith (GBR) 2. Jean-Marc Caron (FRA) 3. Tomas McCune (USA) Female results: 1. Petra Slivova (CZE) 2. Viv Williams (AUS) 3. Harmony Gaw (NZL) Team results: 1. Czech Republic 2. France 3. Switzerland The main street of Manilla was closed for the Closing Ceremony and prizegiving. Live music and most of the people in Manilla joined the pilots in celebrating the 2007 World championships. Congratulations to all the medallists.