04 Mar 2018

Paraski World Cup Series - Event 3 - Vrchlabi, Czech Republik - Final day

4th of March 2018

Vrchlaby Para-Ski World Cup Series Final, Day 3, 3rd March 2018

Today was a day of records:  the first one was set by the organiser by finishing the remaining three Accuracy Landing rounds before noon, in other words,  3 rounds were done in about 2 hours and the competition was clompleted in half the scheduled time.   Then, all the official result lists, for Czech nationals, the Para-Ski final competition and also for the 2018 World Cup Series Overall, were checked and posted in less than one hour.   After which all team managers agreed to shorten the protest time, so the final award ceremony was started at 2pm.

When the last team of the championship, HSV Red Bull Salzburg had landed, it became official that a new FAI Para-Ski World Record in Male and Junior class was established by Sebastian Graser (AUT) with 16 points after 2 Giant Slalom runs and 6 jumps.  So the FAI record of Marco Valente (21 points established in Tonale) lasted only 4 weeks.   Congratulations to Sebastian Graser.

The three Accuracy Landing rounds did not change the team standings from yesterday, so the winner of the final World Cup Series Competition as well as the 2018 overall winner is the team HSV Red Bull 1 (344 points), second came Russia Solar Wind (407) and third Czech Republic A (424)

In the female classification the final result was a tie of 106 points between Julia Schosser and Magdalena Schwertl, but due to the tie-brake rules the better result in one event meant Magda is the winner (1st ski + 3rd Accuracy Landing ) whilst Julia had ranked 2nd + 2nd. Third came Mynářová Michaela from Czech Republic with 122 points.

It was no surprise that Sebastian Graser (AUT), who in winning the Male Individual competition also took Gold in the Junior event, second came Anton Petrik (RUS) (87) and third Jakub Rataj (CZE) (95) He was ranked 2nd om Skiing + 5th Accuracy Landing) with the same points as Manuel Sulzbacher (AUT) but he ranked 4the + 4th.

The Master event was disputed between old rivals, Marco Valente (ITA) won with 32 points, ahead of Karl Kreuzer (48) and Toni Gruber (67) both from Austria.

Before the closing ceremony Henny Wiggers, deputy chair of IPC Para-Ski committee, called for a competitors meeting (which would normally take place during a FCE).  The new FAI Paraski World Ranking List was introduced. https://www.fai.org/page/ipc-rankings In addition Henny invited all competitors to propose changes to the PS competition rules.   Although Para-Ski is quite unique amongst IPC events in that even old competitors and judges do not remember when the last written protest was submitted, (maybe over 20 years ago) we can, all together, make the competitions even better.

At the end of the closing ceremony The World Cup Series 2018 Overall Winners were awarded with their trophies in all 5 classifications (Junior, Master, Male, Female and Team) and the Male and Female Individual Overall winners, Sebastian Graser and Magdalena Schwertl received the Para-Ski challenge cup.

In the evening a joint planning meeting with the 2019 Head of the Organising Committee, Meet Director, Chief Judge & Assistant, Scoring provider and FAI controller took place where some details like lengths of the ski race, helicopter landing spot, were discussed. The outcome from the FAI Controller's point of view is that Vrchlabi is ready for the next World Championships 26.2 – 3.3. 2019.

Vrchlabi Junior PodiumVrchlabi Female PodiumVrchlabi Male Podium
Junior Podium - VrchlabiFemale Podium - VrchlabiMale Podium - Vrchlabi
Vrchlabi Masters PodiumVrchlabi Team PodiumChief Judge
Masters Podium - VrchlabiTeam Podium - VrchlabiChief Judge - Dare Svetina
World Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Male PodiumWorld Cup Series - Paraski 2018 -Team PodiumWorld Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Masters Podium
World Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Male PodiumWorld Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Team PodiumWorld Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Masters Podium
World Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Female PodiumMagdalena Schwertl (AUT)World Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Junior Podium
World Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Female PodiumMagdelena Schwertl (AUT)World Cup Series - Paraski 2018 - Junior Podium
Blue and WhiteVrchlabi - everyoneGrand Slalam
Blue and White3rd and Final Event 2018 World Cup SeriesGS - Skiing
Packing AreaBlue blue skies)Target area
Packing areaBlue blue skiesTarget area
HSV Red Bull Salzburg
HSV Red Bull Salzburg

The official result lists are on this web site - : Documents, IPC, Events, 2018, Para-Ski World Cup Series, Event 3, Vrachlaby (CZ) Results : The overall classification will be published at www.Paraski.org