10 Nov 2020

Peter Saundby

Dear Friends,

It is with deep regret that I share with you the sad news that Dr Peter Saundby died peacefully at home late last week. As I think many of you will know, he had been seriously ill for quite some time.

Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

Peter made a tremendous contribution to air sports in general over many years and to gliding in particular, serving as an FAI Vice President and President of CIMP, the Medico-Physiological Commission, and also as a tireless campaigner for rational legislation at European level in Europe Airsports.

He was always an outstanding example to the aeromedical community and his services to FAI include the fact that private aeronautical activities in Europe owe him a debt for being instrumental in reducing the impact of the bureaucracy surrounding recreational aviation without which it would be so much more difficult and expensive for the regular pilot, be he/she flying gliders, balloons or general aviation to enjoy their sport..

Peter was an example to all of us and he will be much missed.

With my best regards,

Bob Henderson, FAI President

Dear Friends,

The FAI has received the sad news of the passing of Peter Saundby, FAI Companion of Honour, President of Honour of the FAI Medico-Physiological Commission (CIMP).

Despite his serious physical condition in the past years, he still was interested in aviation and aeromedical issues until his last day. We have lost a good friend, an amiable colleague, a proficient glider pilot and a tireless campaigner for rational legislation in air sports.

We are grateful for the results he has achieved and we will continue his dedicated work in aviation medicine.

Kind regards,

Marja Osinga-Meek, CIMP President