09 Mar 2024

PGA Asian 2026 to be held in Thailand

The 5th FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championships will be held in Pha Tak Suea, Nong Khai, Thailand by the decision of CIVL Plenary 2024. The event is scheduled for February 14-22, 2026. The test event is planned for February 12-16, 2025. Pha Tak Suea is located in Sangkhom District within the Nongkhai Province. The beautiful flying site is situated on a hilltop overlooking the Mekong River and is one of the local tourist attractions. Flying there is becoming very popular no matter what the season. The event is supported by the Government and the Sports Authority of Thailand: the organizer is the Royal Aeronautic Sports Association of Thailand (RASAT), co-hosts are Nongkhai Province and Nongkhai Flying Club with local Authorities of Nongkhai Province.

The take-off has an elevation of 460 m ASL with a height difference from the landing of 290 m.  Landing is a 100x148-meter field, located in 5-minute’ drive from the HQ. Suitable for flying in headwind directions in January - February. Besides beautiful views of the Pha Tak Suea Temple area open up from above. Excellent car accessibility and stable cellular/mobile connection. The HQ will be located in Baan Mai Rim Khong resort.

The organizing team

The judging team