05 Apr 2018

PGA judging seminar in Thailand, April 2018

The PGA judging seminar was held on April 3d-5th, 2018, preceding the 1st FAI Asian-Oceanic PGA Championship starting tomorrow. The PGA judging seminar had altogether 18 participants, they came from 7 countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Iran, Singapore and Chinese Taipei. The seminar was led by Zhang Jun and Riikka Vilkuna. 

Some participants, for example, the Thai judges were very experienced and saw the seminar as good repetition. Others, such as participants from Singapore, Iran and Korea, got a good start for their future career to develop themselves and judging in their countries. All participants have great potential and were very highly motivated! Some of them will be trainee judges at this event (1st FAI Asian-Oceanic PGA Championship).

There were 3 days fully packed with practice, theory and discussions.The new program of judging seminar includes a lot of theoretical information about the FAI/CIVL, about our rules, the judges' roles, judging methods, and also practice at the site. Also at cat 1 level, the official language is English which might have added to the complexity. But seeing the energy of our seminar participants, we can say that the future looks bright!