19 May 2018

PGA Worlds Test event in Vrsac first day results

Test event of PGA World Championship and Romanian & Serbian Open is taking place in Vrsac, Serbia 18-20 May. This cat 2 event attracted 60 pilots from 15 countries and the first day was a big success. 5 rounds completed with Slovenian Matjaz Feraric in the lead with 8 cm. The young Romanian pilot Ovidiu Murariu and Slovenia's Jaka Gorenc are close behind with their 11 cms. Czechs Vlastimil Kricnar and Kamil Konecny hold the next places, for now. All is open because both Saturday and Sunday look flyable.

There was a judging seminar before the competition and the judging team, as well as the rest of the Serbian organisation, are working smoothly.

Results after 5 rounds are here: https://airtribune.com/preWCh2018/info/details__downloads 

Header photo with orange helmet -  Sandor Kaszas landing in the dead center.

Below is HIzdri Gubetini  approaching the target.