01 Sep 2018

Pictures from the Championships

A selection of pictures from the five days of competition - the headline picture is of Michael Cooper, Judge and Flysight owner and developer, explaining the thinking of the Committee on rule changes at the Competitors Meeting - held during the bad weather break on Thursday afternoon.

Other pictures :

Competitors Briefing

Competitors Briefing

judges at OC

Judges at Competitors Briefing

Liam watching helmet collectionLiam watching Helmet collection

Assistant Meet Director -Brian Burke

Brian Burke - assistant Meet Director

Boarding Point

Boarding Point

Martin Dlouhy - Organiser and Meet Director

Martin Dlouhy - Organiser and Meet Director

Judges relax

Judges Relax - Rina and Vera

Horizontal Tunnel - Stockholm

Peter Georen from Indoor Wingsuit Flying, Stockholm

Dennis Werenskoild

Dennis Werenskoild -

Chair of the Wingsuit Flying Committee

Susan Dixon - FAI/IPC Official

Susan Dixon -

FAI/IPC Representative

Random Weight Check

Chief Judge & FAI Controller

Carry out Random Weight Checks