24 Feb 2019

Pre the big event - lead up to the 17th FAI World ParaSki Championships 2019

24th February 2019

The tension rises in Vrchlabí

Only two days prior to the official arrival day in Vrchlabí and all preparations are finalised. The first competitors from Russia are planning to arrive today and will check out the skiing conditions on Monday.

The organising committee headed by Petr Jires is studying different 7day weather forecasts, everything is possible from sunshine to snowfall, so it will be a day by day decision as to how the championship proceeds. Everyone hopes for good conditions and the top athletes will try to break the FAI records, although it becomes harder now with total points of 10 or below.

Current status after the recently ratified FAI World and European records is 10 points for female and 7 points for male and junior.

FAI Record List

After one week, following the closing ceremony on Saturday 2nd March, the new World Champions will be added to this historical Roll Call of all Para-Ski World Championship since 1987 (which is kindly prepared by Jürgen Barth). 

If one takes a closer look at the first FAI WPC in 1987, you will find there this year’s Chief Judge  Dare Svetina in the team ranking and also some of this year’s active participants can be found in medal ranks from around 30 years back.  It is no surprise then that in the target area and also in the Para-Ski “master” classification,  we have some very experienced Accuracy Landing  and Skiing competitors.

And finally -  the FAI ranking lists  (which can be found on https://fai.org/ipc-documents   under rankings)  will be updated with 2019 results, after the Vrchlabi medals are distributed. 

To be continued after arrival…

Gernot Rittenschobe

Photo:  Casi

19th February 2019

One week to the start of first IPC First Category Event of this year

The registration team of 17th FAI Para-Ski World Championships 2019 has processed the last changes in team composition that NACs have submitted after the WCS finals in Bad Leonfelden.
In Vrchlabi we will have a total of 63 participants in 10 regular teams, 4 international teams and 4 female teams.
All six classifications will be valid, there are 10 female, 53 male, 18 master and 13 junior competitors inside these male, mixed or female teams.

The final team composition and jump order will be established on arrival day Tuesday 26th Feb at the 1st official teamleader meeting.
On 27th Feb the skiing qualification run (to establish ski competition starting order) will take place. If weather permits, the Meet Director, Martin Gabla together with Chief Judge, Dare Svetina is planning to start the Accuracy Landing competition in the afternoon in order to get the minimum rounds for a valid Accuracy Landing event (2) on Wednesday.

26th Feb Schedule:

8:30 – 17:00 – official registration
11:00 – 17:00 – official practice day (accuracy jumping)
18:00 – Judges meeting (Hotel Gendorf boardroom)
20:00 – Team leader meeting (Hotel Gendorf boardroom)

Let us hope for the same good weather conditions as last weekend.

CJ observes the landing of Paul, Austrian Military Team member

Dare Svetina observing the landing of Paul, team member of Austria Military Team during the WCS final round.

Photo by Harald Meindl (chief of the volunteer fire station that hosted us at Bad Leonfelden competition)


More pix at www.ff-laimbach.at

11th February 2019

This weekend the  second  2nd Category  Para-Ski competion in this year was finished. Competitors from 8 nations showed up at the World Meet suitable competition site in Ponte de Legno/Passo del Tonale, Italy.  The results are available on the IPC results site on this link.

                                                                      World Cup Series - perfect conditions


The World Championships in Czech Republik at the end of February are getting closer and closer.   It seems that not only the Organisation - also the Competitors are getting ready for the Meet. 


The final event of the World Cup Series will  take place next weekend (Feb 15th - 17th) in Bad Leonfelden, Austria. 

21st September 2018

It is hard to think about winter as the temperature (in this part of Europe) continues in the high 20's but Bulletin 1 is now published for the first FCE of 2019

Follow the link to Bulletin 1 and the Registration Document. 

Our judges' panel will be:

Chief Judge Dare Svetina
Assistant to the Chief Judge Jana Matejkinova
Panel of Judges Michael Egger
  Gerhard Wagner
  Gunter Berndt
  Bruna DePaoli
  Alyia Ananina
  Kristina Radecki (N)