24 Feb 2018

Ranking of Non-Sanctioned Events 

During the past two years, the CIVL Bureau has decided to rank in the WPRS, five competitions that appeared late, or never appeared on the FAI event calendar because of the organiser, NAC or CIVL mistakes. Recent history shows that allowing exceptions to the rules has resulted in CIVL facing additional problems. 

The CIVL Bureau understand that the current sanctioning process and calendar are not entirely satisfactory. Nevertheless, the CIVL Bureau wishes to make clear that:

·       Exceptions will be given only under very exceptional circumstances.

·       Organisers should make sure that all NAC approved sanctioning documents are sent to the CIVL Coordinator well in advance.

·       Organisers should check that their event is actually published on the FAI calendar.

·       Pilots should take the responsibility of checking the calendar to verify that any competition they want to attend is actually sanctioned. 

·       The FAI calendar is the one and the only reference to check if a competition is Cat 2 or not.


The CIVL Bureau has been tasked by the Plenary to work on a better automated sanctioning process and on an improved FAI official timeline calendar.