31 May 2019

Red Bull Air Race to come to an end

After more than 90 nail-biting races, the long-running Red Bull Air Race is coming to an end due to Red Bull’s decision not to continue it beyond the 2019 season.

The remaining races scheduled for this year in Kazan, Russia (15-16 June), Lake Balaton, Hungary (13-14 July), and Chiba, Japan (7-8 September) will take place as planned.

The Red Bull Air Race is an FAI World Championship, at which FAI sanctions the races and approves the race rules and regulations. The FAI also supports the Red Bull Air Race by providing a dedicated FAI Safety Delegate at each race, and provides specially designed medals for the Championship.

The Championship, which was re-launched in 2014, has consistently provided sports entertainment of the highest quality, demonstrating incredible flying skills that have been enjoyed by millions of fans all over the world.

The FAI has been honoured to be a partner of the Red Bull Air Race since 2005, and is sorry to see this fabulous air sports event being discontinued.

We would like to thank the talented, world-class racing pilots, the teams working with them, the host cities, and everyone at Red Bull Air Race for all their hard work and expertise.

The levels of professionalism, safety and skill were never short of exemplary, and – for the rest of this year at least – the competition continues to give the world’s most exceptional pilots the opportunity to compete in high speed flying at low altitude with extreme maneuvers.

If you have never seen them in action, don’t miss the chance to catch them in the remaining races this season!

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic/Red Bull Content Pool