09 Mar 2024

Romania will host PGA Europeans 2026

The 9th FAI European Paragliding Championships will be held in Uroi, Romania according to the decision of CIVL Plenary 2024. The proposed dates of the event are October 1-10, 2026. The test event is supposed to be in July of 2025 but the exact dates are yet to be defined. The organization is carried out by Wild Wind Adventure Club with the support of the Romanian Aeronautical Federation (NAC), Simeria City Hall, Reciclare Anvelope, My K, Fly Way Association, Transilvania Sports & Fan, and other local entities.

The weather in Uroi is usually good for paragliding in every season, as a result, it has become a very important area for paragliding flights in Romania. The weather to hold the accuracy events is suitable all year round in Uroi, but the best time for organizing the contest is between June and October.

There are 3 options for take-off to this competition from the same hill. Due to vegetation and orientation, the following wind directions are available W/NW/SW/S/E/NE/SE. The height difference from the take-off to the landing area is about 146 m.

The landing area is a flat space without obstacles that might imply danger or destruction to the competitors. On final approaches to landing, the pilot has sufficient maneuverability. The landing area is named the "wild camping area". It can be approached from all directions. Transport-wise it is also accessible as there is a road reaching there. If an emergency occurs, emergency rescuers can quickly enter the area.  In addition, this place is used also for paragliding pilots' exams, which means if beginners can handle those take-off and landing areas, there should not be any problem for experienced pilots.