30 Apr 2020

Section 7 FAI Sporting Code with Plenary 2020 decisions is published on the website.

The CIVL Delegates' work during the 2020 Plenary resulted in a number of changes to Section 7 of FAI Sporting Code and its subsections. The amended versions are published on the website and become effective on May 1, 2020. 

Among the initiatives introduced this time, there are allocation rules, eligibility to compete, safety issues,  a change in the method of fees calculation and payment, more flexibility for cat 2 organizers to accept local pilots, category 2 events requirements, badges receiving made easy and many others.

Important work has been done to define the process of penalties, complaints, protests and appeals in Cat 2 events. It was reviewed for all sports including XC, Accuracy and Aerobatics.

As usual, a number of changes were introduced in Accuracy: target, relaunch, use of video, exemptions to compete, etc.

Significant changes have been done in the GAP scoring: no more final glide decelerators and conical ESS, no more Exit-Enter cylinders (including start), clarification of task distance calculation, PWCA leading and time points for paragliding, best score for FVT validity,  etc. Find about it in Section 7 F.

Records from now have a free distance variation and also a possibility to equal the previously made record.

CCC paraglider requirements have undergone a serious revision, answering the problems faced in 2019. The rules have been simplified and re-written to exclude linguistic misunderstanding. Also, the new forms to be filled in order to apply for certification were introduced. Check Section 7 G with Annexes A and B.

List of documents published:

Sporting Code S7 - Common 2020(516 KB)
Sporting Code S7 A - Cross Country 2020(475 KB)
Sporting Code S7 B - Aerobatics 2020(447 KB)
Sporting Code S7 C - Accuracy(410 KB)
Sporting Code S7 D - Records and Badges 2020(605 KB)
Sporting Code S7 E - WPRS 2020(347 KB)
Sporting Code S7 F - XC Scoring 2020(715 KB)
Sporting code S7 G - CCC Paragliders Requirements 2020 1.0(1100 KB)
Sporting Code S7 G - CCC Paragliders Requirements 2020 Annexe A Certificate of compliance 2020(164 KB)
Sporting Code S7 G - CCC Paragliders Requirements 2020 Annexe B Measurements 1.1 Blanc(390 KB)
Sporting Code S7 H - CIVL Flight Recorder Specification 2020 v0.9.0(323 KB)
Sporting Code S7 I - Guidelines and Templates 2020(1371 KB)
Sporting Code S7 J - Jury Guidelines 2020(341 KB)

Or in CIVL Documents under Sporting code folder