01 Jul 2018

Start - Day -2 Competition Starts 3.7.18

1st July 2018

Wroclaw, Poland is the centre of the world for Canopy Piloting competitors who have been selected by their country to represent them at the World Championships in both Canopy Piloting and Canopy Piloting Freestyle in 2018.   With arrival day scheduled as the 2nd July the competition will start at 6.00 on 4th and the opening ceremony will take place at 19.30 on 3rd  So far 88 competitors from 24 Nations have registered to take part and details are available under the Delegation tag at the top of this page.  Photographs will be added as we receive them.

The weather forecast is good and excitement is in the air with the first of the outdoor skydiving World Championships 2018. 

You can follow each day’s action on this website under the daily diary and the results will be posted as it happens on the IPC results site : WROCLAW RESULTS thanks to InTime, our scoring system provider for this event, in conjunction with Speed Timing Systems.   We will also be posting to the International Parachuting Commissions Facebook page throughout the competition, and our Instagram link.  In addition the competition organiser has its own web-site as well so no excuse for not keeping up with what promises to be an exciting competition – particularly as the last World Championships in 2016, in Farnham, Canada was weathered out and we only achieved a partial result as only 2 of the events were achieved.

Canopy Piloting is the only discipline that has two different World Championships.  This one, in Wroclaw, is the ‘classic’ FAI World Championship format.  Using the FAI/IPC Competition Rules and Sporting Code competitors representing their NAC (Country) are selected by that NAC to compete over the three events, Accuracy, Speed and Distance, and for the first World Championships, Freestyle also, over a body of water (again conforming to the dimensions and rules of the Competition Rules/Sporting Code) and landing on dry land.

In August the first part of the 2nd World Championships of Swoop Freestyle (see previous news item on this website) will take place in Copenhagen harbour.  A very different competition in both concept and format – concentrating on the principle of a ‘series’ of events culminating in an overall World Champion.  The discipline is Freestyle only carried out over an open body of water and landing on a floating platform.  This is restricted to 16 selected competitors from the Canopy Piloting competitive community based on a mixture of previous performances and current ranking.  The rules and judges are all overseen and agreed with IPC, but the organisation is an independent company, ASport who are working with the FAI and IPC to see if this different approach can add another element and future prospect for Skydiving going forward.

Now though to concentrate on the 7th FAI WCCP and 1st FAI WCCPF – good luck to all competitors.