25 Jul 2018

Switzerland leading in Nations scoring after 5 tasks of Euro PG.

The beginning of the championship was not very promising. 3 days were cancelled due to bad weather and strong wind. Later though the conditions improved. On July 24th, the Task Committee decided to provide a medium length, straight line task with the goal 74.2km to the south-east from the take-off. The route traversed across two valleys, the first across Chaves and then Mirandela.  And to the surprise of many observers, 127 of the pilots actually got to goal with the first 100 competitors finishing within 10 minutes of the leader. The last person down being over an hour later. This may suggest that achieving the race goal was easy; this was not the case, many stating how hard they all had to work to complete the task.
On July 25th the 5th task was again close to the straight line – 95 km race to goal - now In the directions of Macedo de Cavalieros. Again over 120 pilots on Goal with 1 point difference between the first and the second.
Intermediate competition results after 5 tasks:
1     Theo Warden    M    GBR    Ozone Enzo 3    A
2     Honorin Hamard    M    FRA    Ozone Enzo 3    
3     Michael Maurer        M    SUI    Gin Gliders Boomerang 11
1    Seiko Fukuoka Naville    F    FRA    Ozone Enzo 4    
2    Meryl Delferriere    F    FRA    Ozone Enzo 3    
3    Yael Margelisch    F    SUI    Ozone Enzo 3
1.    Switzerland
2.    Italy
3.    Slovenia

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