12 Apr 2018

Thailand and China dominate the Asian-Oceanic PGA Championships

Last day, April 12th, proved to be too windy for competition flights and the results were finalized after 11 rounds. Two pilots shared the result of 19 cm for 1st place and two pilots had 25 cm for third place. The results, in this case, were determined by the number of 0 and 1 cm in results of the pilots. China’s Jianwei Wang took the gold in overall, Thailand’s Tanapat Luangiam took silver and Hongji Wang from China the bronze.

Individual results

In women’s championship gold went to host nation Thailand’s Chantika Chaisanuk with 26 cm, she was also 5th in overall results. China’s Jinweng Long, 8th in overall, placed second and Thailand’s Nunnapat Phuchong 3rd.

Women results

Competition in Team scoring category was dominated from start to finish by Thailand. The silver went to China and  Chinese Taipei took the nation’s first cat 1 medal by flying to the third place.

National teams results

The event was held from 06 till 12 Apr 2018.


On top - Team prize-giving: Thailand, China and Chinese Taipei

Overall Winner Jianwei Wang

Overall Winners Jianwei Wang (China), Tanapat Luangiam (Thailand) and Hongji Wang (China).

Women Winners Chantika Chaisanuk (Thailand), Jinweng Long (China) and Nunnapat Phuchong (Thailand)


Competition website: http://www.1stfaopac.com/result/