13 May 2024

Karlsruhe, Germany to welcome back The World Games in 2029

German city Karlsruhe has become the first location to be awarded The World Games for a second occasion, after their successful bid was accepted by organisers. On 1 May, the International World Games Association (IWGA) Executive Committee announced that in 2029, The World Games will be hosted by the city which has a strong track record in hosting major sporting events.

Karlsruhe hosted the third edition of The World Games in 1989 and brought the whole city on board to join in the fun, with support from the regional administration. Medal ceremonies took place for the seventeen competition sports. Fifty nations were represented by the 1644 athletes, with Italy the team champions, followed by West Germany and the USSR. Three sports featured in The World Games 1989 are now part of the Olympic program: trampoline, triathlon and taekwondo.

Karlsruhe has a reputation as a sporting city, with over 200 clubs, initiatives and volunteers actively involved in the organisation of the World Games. Karlsruhe's mayor Dr. Frank Mentrup made clear his pleasure at the announcement:

"The World Games are coming back! We are pleased about the trust of the IWGA. After 1989, Karlsruhe will once again host a top-class international sporting event in our region in the heart of Europe. The enthusiasm of 1989 can still be felt today in society in the city and region - including in our current local council - as well as in the sports world."

At the closing ceremony of The World Games next year in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China, the ceremonial passing of The World Games flag to representatives from Karlsruhe will take place.

IWGA President José Perurena recognised the significance of The World Games’ return to the German city:

"Germany has demonstrated a strong commitment towards The World Games and provided excellent conditions for our athletes to perform at their best in the past in Karlsruhe and Duisburg. We are deeply grateful for this, and we are excited to be returning to Karlsruhe again."

FAI air sports were first included within The World Games in 1997, with the incorporation of skydiving as a competition sport. Medals were awarded in accuracy landing, formation and freestyle. The FAI discipline of drone racing will be featured for a second time in Chengdu 2025.

The World Games Karlsruhe 2029
City of Karlsruhe, Monika Mueller-Gmelin (Birds Eye view and fountain photo), City of Karlsruhe, Roland Fraenkle (concert)