03 Jun 2005

Tracing our free flying history

And the World Could Fly In the middle of the 1970s there was an explosion of coloured fabric and aluminium tubing on the hills of the world. Hang gliding was here! A decade later ski-lift operators found a summer demand from a new wave of adventurers with huge rucksacks containing even simpler aircraft: Paragliding had come of age. Where had it all come from? Who were these new pilots ? Why hadn’t it happened centuries earlier ? And the World Could Fly tells the story of how piloting for the masses became a possibility and then a reality. See how the happy conjunction of the research of NASA aerodynamicists and the determination of Australian water-ski showmen produced a hang glider anyone could fly. Read how the parachute changed into a self-inflating wing capable soaring for hundreds of kilometres. This is a tale of a free flight in every sense of the term. Edited by Stéphane Malbos and Noel Whittall, And the World Could Fly contains contributions from many parts of the world as well as much new writing. Together, the editors have more than fifty years of undiminished enthusiasm for foot-launched flight. And the World Could Fly is produced by the international Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL) to celebrate the centenary of FAI. ISBN: 2-9508644-5-7 And the World Could Fly - SPECIAL PROMOTIONAL OFFER! If you have not yet secured your own copy of the CIVL-commissioned book, And the World Could Fly , now’s the time. Having more than achieved its aim to widely promote our sports during the FAI centenary, this fascinating book is now available at a special price in the run up to the World Air Games in 2009. Tracing the rapid rise of hang gliding and paragliding since the 1970s, the book, superbly written by Stéphane Malbos and Noel Whittall, is packed full with facts and photos providing a valuable documentary of the roots or our sport – a must-have for all hang glider and paraglider pilots. But that’s not all! The book is a great idea for Competition Organisers and Clubs to give away as Day Prizes or as part of a larger prize package. These books are also ideal as gifts for anyone on the edge of the free flying world that you might want to influence. Make friends with your local and regional VIPs in the Town Hall, the meteorological or airspace offices, airfield managers and landing field owners. The book will help them better understand the passion we have for taking to the air. Take advantage of the special pricing and buy now for your next event! While stocks last, we are making this special promotional offer: Buy 3 copies or more for just 12 €uros each. Individual copies can be purchased for 18 €uros, representing a substantial discount off the cover price of 22 €uros. All enquiries should be addressed to: Noel Whittall, 4 Prospect Street, Rawdon, Leeds LS19 6DP (UK) Tel: (0)113 250 2043 e-mail: we ask you to please temporarily relay inquiries through the FAI Office.