23 Feb 2021

Update from the CIAM Bureau

CIAM Bureau members met via zoom on Saturday February 6 and discussed the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic and after evaluation we decided the following:

CIAM Plenary Meeting

For the time being it is not possible even to think to schedule a face-to-face meeting. The Plenary is going to happen on May 8th, via zoom again and in a similar way this was organized last year.

Soon a detailed plan including the various technical meetings program will be announced by the office. The agenda will follow.

  • CIAM President is in touch with FAI President, FAI Secretary General, the Office and the rest of the Airsports Commissions Presidents so to find solutions for CIAM activities, but also to have a similar approach for addressing the issues.

  • For the moment it is not necessary or required but in case there is such a need, CIAM Bureau will ask an extraordinary authorization from the delegates to handle all CIAM matters. 

First Category events

The situation is evaluated on case by case basis. We know from the reports, that almost everywhere restrictions are applied but not all over of the world are the same. Unfortunately, there are delays in vaccinations and according to the estimations the percentage of the vaccinated population which will allow the authorities to consider lifting the restrictions will be reached later than estimated. You will find together with this announcement a table with all First Category events. The date when the organizers together with CIAM will finally decide is also included. We have already started contacting the organizers and this will happen with all of them so to decide the best possible option for each event.  We are also considering the messages we are receiving from the NACs and we are listening carefully their concerns or suggestions. We all know that the situation is not easy. It is not only the pandemic which is causing a lot of problems, but due to the pandemic in many occasions our life and priorities have changed. 

All the decisions will be announced on time. The S/C chairmen are working with the members of their S/C’s for the best available option for every case.

Second Category events

  • Due to the current situation in almost all countries where CIAM events are planned, CIAM Bureau unanimously agrees to extend the suspension of the World Cup ranking until May 10, 2021. CIAM Bureau will evaluate the situation and the facts available, beginning of April. A new update on this matter has to be expected before the scheduled Plenary and definitely there is going to be a discussion during the Plenary.

  • As long as this is feasible, there might be Open International events organized instead.

  • The calendar as published on the web still has some missing events. Due to the modifications recently applied to the system in order to handle the number of events carried forward from 2020, we still have to do some more checks. There is no reason to worry about this and of course depending on the decision we will take, a similar policy like the one we implemented for 2021 will also be in place.

We would like to thank all the CIAM community for their understanding during this difficult period and of course their contribution and support to our efforts. Our priority is to keep staying safe.

CIAM President Antonis Papadopoulos