21 Nov 2017

What’s up in CIVL in Autumn 2017

After our last report in September, we have plunged into even more work. See what’s up in CIVL in October-November 2017.

October 2017

  • Published the minutes of the Autumn Bureau meeting.
  • Met FAI Head Office in Lausanne to discuss issues, policies and finances.
  • Met French Federations to discuss the 2024 Paris Olympics prospects.
  • Got ready for the FAI General Conference. Went to it: 5 days of meetings.
  • Worked on different issues before and after the General Conference: competition management system, sporting licences, Jury handbook, anti-doping programs, World Air Games, Asian Games, Air Games Series, bidding process, organiser agreement, drones…
  • Met the delegates of a few countries from the Airsport Federation of Asia (AFA) to discuss Asian development and sporting licences.
  • Decided to add a half-day at the pre-plenary meetings to discuss Asian matters.
  • Worked on the FAI new website.
  • Decided to send two representatives at the Wuhan World Fly-In Expo (invitation from the organisers).

November 2017

  • Published the local regulations for the 2018 Pan American Paragliding championship in Brazil.
  • Finalised SafePro Delta revision. It will be submitted to the 2018 plenary.
  • Discussed live-trackers and competition managing systems. Talked with FAI and met Flymaster.
  • Accepted Hong Kong in the new yearly IPPI scheme.
  • Worked on the 2018 plenary agenda and on Bureau’s proposals.
  • Discussed with Bulgaria IPPI Card issues.