08 Apr 2018

Winners of 3rd FAI Pan-American Paragliding Championship 2018 Brazil

After 8 intense days, 3rd FAI Pan-American Paragliding Championship held in Baixo Guandu Brazil from 01 April to 8 April 2018 has come to an end.  There were more than 20 countries and 120 pilots, competitive spirit and solidarity. There were 4 valid interesting tasks. Now the official results are published: we have Brazil in the top rank of the competition, Colombia as the best team, and the best PanAmerican Female pilots are Priscila Fevereiro (BRA), Andrea Jaramillo Jaramillo (COL) and Shauin Kao (ARG).

Pan American Championship Overall:

1 – Jeison Zeferino Brito (BRA)

2 – Leandro Henrique Padua (BRA)

3 – Michel Guillemot (ARG)

Photo on top.

Pan American Teams:

1 – Colombia

2 – Brasil

3 – Venezuela

The was no Female champion title but we would like anyway praise the efforts of the pilotesses.
Best Pan American Female Pilots:

1 – Priscila Fevereiro (BRA)

2 – Andrea Jaramillo (COL)

3 – Shauin Kao (ARG)

Best Female pilots in Open:

1 – Kladia Bulgakov (POL)

2 – Priscila Fevereiro (BRA)

3 – Andrea Jaramillo (COL)

Still we have a sad cloud over our happiness. All flying community expressed its endless sorrow for the loss of a dear companion. One of the top Brazilian pilots, Alessandro  Henringer de Jesus,  passed away in an accident right after take off. We will always remember him.


We express the gratitude to the organizers and administration of Baixo Guandu for its unconditional support provided at this beautiful event. 

See you next time!

The results are here: http://hipoxia.com.br/panamericano2018/results/