03 Aug 2019

The winners of PreEuro 2019 Nis Serbia

The test event of 16th FAI European Paragliding Championship that was also Serbian, Hungarian and B&H Nationals has successfully finished in Serbia.
The organizers have made huge achievements in improving the take-off and achieving the agreement with Nis airport that during the competition all flights will be guided sideways.
The competition had 2 valid tasks due to rain on course had to stop the third task little before it became valid.  But interesting flights on the good days compensated the weather surprises and of course, famous Serbian hospitality was at a high level.

The winners in overall:
1    Theunis de Bruin    RSA    
2    Balazs Vertes    HUN    
3    Racz Balazs    HUN

1    Keiko Hiraki    JPN    
2    Adel Honti    HUN
3    Katalin Juhasz    HUN    

Sport Class:
1    Ilias Kleidaras    GRE    
2    Zsolt Ero    M    HUN    
3    Aron Horvath    HUN    

1    Hungary
2    Serbia
3    China


Complete results are here: https://airtribune.com/preeuro/results