19 Oct 2017

#WISC2017 officially opens its doors

Canada welcomed the world’s best indoor skydivers on the evening of Thursday 19 October 2017, at an opening ceremony ahead of the 2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships

Alain Guérin, CEO of SkyVenture, the venue where the competition is being held in Laval, Montreal, welcomed more than 200 athletes from 23 nations. 

“Welcome everyone, we are happy and honoured you came. We thank you for being here, and we wish you the best experience of your life,” he said. 

Earlier he had asked all those athlete “under 16 years of age” to stand up. When a dozen or so did, he said: “I had this dream to bring a major competition to Canada 16 years ago, when you guys weren’t even born!"

International Parachuting Commission President Dr Rainer ‘Exi’ Hoenle officially opened the competition. He said: “Welcome everyone. As president of the IPC I have the honour to be here in Canada. I’m very happy to see so many of you here. I announce the 2nd FAI World Indoor Skydiving Championships open!”

#WISC2017 runs from 20-22 October 2017 and will be live-streamed on the Olympic Channel.

Watch from 7.30am local time at www.goo.gl/BLFrGv