14 Jun 2007

World Air Games 2009

For the next edition of the World Air Games the FAI has decided to go for a new and more media concentrated and media friendly set up of the event. The event for approximately 20 different air sport disciplines should be: · organised at (or close to) one location · one week duration · focused on media and public friendly air sport disciplines · attended by the top pilots of the air sports For Hang Gliding and Paragliding the CIVL bureau has decided to concentrate on 4 disciplines: PG Aerobatics, PG Accuracy, HG Aerobatics and HG Speed Gliding. Bids for organising the 2009 World Air Games have been received from 3 countries, Russia – Moscow, Denmark – Odense and Italy – Turin. The three bidders each included HG and PG disciplines in their bids and the bid information that was sent to the members of the WAG selection committee gave all the necessary information. The information that we received about HG and PG in the bid from Italy looked especially promising. As has been published in the FAI news, on June 1st , Italy has been granted the organisation of the World Air Games 2009. After 2009 the World Air Games will be held every 2 years. At the end of this year the bidding and selection procedures for the WAG 2011 will start. Some information about the WAG 2009 in Turin: · HG Aerobatics This event will be held at Avigliana (12 km from the main venue of the WAG in Turin) on the larger of 2 lakes reflecting the town. · HG Speed Gliding This event will be held in the mountains behind the lakes of Avigliana, near the historical “Sacra di S. Michele” with easy access along an asphalted road. The launch area is located at 1100 meters above sea level. The slalom course envisages positioning of 12/14 gates . The landing place absolutely flat and free of obstacles, located 350 m above sea level, opposite the public grandstands. The public will be able to follow the entire competition on a maxi-screen. · PG Aerobatics Two competitions are included in the PG Aerobatics: - Syncro flight - Solo flight Both discplines will, like the HG Aerobatics, be held at Avigliana on the larger of the two lakes. · PG Accuracy This competition includes take-off from the mountains behind the lakes at Avigliana. See the information for the HG Speed Gliding. This is the most current information available on the coming WAG. Agust Gudmundsson will be the CIVL coordinator, covering all issues involved with the 2009 World Air Games. For the detailed arrangements, he will be assisted and advised by the Subcommittees and their experts. We will keep you informed about the preparations of the coming World Air Games. Flip Koetsier