15 Oct 2020

World Online XC Contest 2020 winners

We congratulate the FAI CIVL World Online XC Contest  winners of the season 2019-2020.

Here are some facts and statistics about the participants.


Dozens of thousands of flights from 3957 pilots submitted from which only about 15K flights were accepted to the ranking. The first 3 in each category are:

Open (all paragliders)

  • Sebastian Benz (Switzerland) 2631.95 points, the best flight 553.21 km from Lavabo Brazil (on photo)
  • Maurice Knur (Germany) 2263.58 points,  the best flight 504.72km from Caico (Brazil)
  • Michael Sommerauer (Austria) 2208.21 points, the best flight 302.41km  from Stoderzinken (Austria)


Serial (up to EN-D)

  • Philippe Leuenberger (Switzerland) - with the season result of 2192.58 pt   the longest best 422.76km  from Caico (Brazil) (on photo)
  • Resinger Alois (Austria)  with the season result of  1911.41 pt and the longest best of 304.19km from Defereggen  (Austria)
  • Laurent Broisin (France) - with the season result of 1899.87  pt   and the longest best of  411.39km from Assu (Brazil)


Sport (up to EN-C)

  • Damian Lestarpe (Argentina)  1686.74  pt with best of 315.67km from  Assu Brazil  (on photo)
  • Manuele Dondi (Italy)  1610.53pt with best of  241.77km from Antholz (Italy)
  • Łukasz Prokop (Poland) 1606.03pt with best of 239.06km  from Antholz (Italy)


Fun (up to EN-B)

  • Manuele Dondi (Italy) 1610.53pt with best of  241.77km  from Antholz (Italy) (on photo)
  • Lukasz Sieminski (Poland) 1497.99pt with best of  231.89km from Antholz (Italy)
  • Urs Rölli (Switzerland) 1293.52pt  with best of  359.25km  from Caico (Brazil)


Women Open (any glider)

201 female pilots got to the WXC contest, the top 3:

  • Joanna Di Grigoli (Venezuela) 1242.10pt  with best flight  353.75km   from Assu (Brazil) (on photo)
  • Claire Garnesson (France) 1212.89pt  with best flight  223.00km from Cabane du col Vert (France)
  • Fabienne Schrader (Switzerland) 1024.74pt with best flight 179.15km from Weissenstein (Switzerland)


Women Serial (up to EN-D)

  • Claire Garnesson (France) 1212.89pt  with best flight  223.00km from Cabane du col Vert (France) (on photo)
  • Fabienne Schrader (Switzerland) 1024.74pt with best flight 179.15km from Weissenstein (Switzerland)
  • Ramona Eckert  (Germany) 1001.34pt  with best flight 1215.50km from Matrei Goldried (Austria)


Women Sport (up to EN-C)

  • Claire Garnesson (France) 1212.89pt  with best flight  223.00km from Cabane du col Vert (France) (on photo)
  • Julia Jauß (Germany) 935.16pt with best flight 199.10km Grente (Italy)
  • Nadine Weder (Switzerland) 888.94pt  with best flight 171.13km from Niesen (Switzerland)


Women Fun (up to EN-B)

  • Claire Garnesson (France) 999.4 pt  with best flight  146.90km from Bleine (France) (on photo)
  • Nadine Weder (Switzerland) 888.94pt  with best flight 171.13km from Niesen (Switzerland)
  • Julia Jauß (Germany) 856.54pt with best flight 199.10km Grente (Italy)



Class 1  

253 pilots participated

  • GLAUCO PINTO (Brazil) 1833.13pt with best flight 426.67km from Jaraguá (Brazil) (on photo)
  • Alain Chauvet (France) 1736.41pt with best flight 256.89km from Chabre Espranons (France)
  • Konrad Hailmann (Brazil) 1513.18pt with best flight 286.87km from Jaraguá (Brazil)


Class 5 

117 pilots participated, the top three being:

  • Christian Voiblet (Switzerland) 2047.34pt with best flight 276.69km from Fiesch (Switzerland) (on photo)
  • Toni Raumauf (Austria) 1768.66pt with best flight 224.83km from Kossen, Scheibenwald (Austria)
  • Thomas Sterzing (Germany) 1569.42pt with best flight 226.61km UL-Flugplatz Forst (Germany)


Class 2 

9 pilots participated, the best being:

  • Pascal Lanser (France) 2064.15 pt  with best flight  270.80km from Aérodrome le Chevalet (France)
  • Markus Fiechter (Switzerland) 1125.99pt with best flight 212.38km from Münster (Switzerland)
  • Christoph Raible (Switzerland) 1026.36pt with best flight 270.60km from LSPL (Switzerland)


Women Class 1 

12 pilots participated, the best being:

  • Francoise Dieuzeide-Banet (France) 774.87pt with best flight 135.13km from Chalvet Ouest (France) (on photo)
  • Stella Potgieter (France) 568.14pt  with best flight 84.79km from Chabre Sud (France)
  • Claudia Mejia de la Pava (USA) 504.77pt  with best flight 96.74km from Quest Air (USA)

Congratulations to the winners!

All pilots World online XC contest rank link: http://wxc.fai.org/module.php?id=22&l=en&date=20200930


World XC Online contest receive information from local XC leagues. 6 best flights of the season made by pilot create his rank Points assigned according to the type of flight. Free flight - Free distance which does not conform the triangle track specification. 1 km = 1.00 p Flat triangle - Triangle which does not conform FAI triangle specification. 1 km = 1.20 p FAI triangle - Triangle conforming to the FAI definition. 1 km = 1.40 p).  Please note that work with some national leagues are still in progress and they will be added in future. WXC ranking is voluntarily supported by excellent pilots and programmers Andreas Rieck and Marcin Kostur. CIVL is endlessly grateful to for their input in sports development.

Link to WXC rules 2019-2020 is here.