04 Oct 2021

WPRS unfrozen from November 1, 2021

CIVL Bureau has analyzed hang gliding and paragliding competition statistics and decided to unfreeze WPRS from November 1, 2021. Although such parameters as the number of competitions and the number of participating nations have not yet reached pre-pandemic values there is a steady improvement especially with HG Class Sport, PG XC, and PG Aerobatics that are now at about 90% and the others already exceeding 60%. The tendency is positive. Having taken into consideration the fact that the return to normal ranking will take up to 18 months the Bureau decided to unfreeze the time devaluation factor that was blocked since April 1, 2020.

For those who are interested in the method of unfreezing, here is the explanation from Joerg Ewald who is taking care of the process.

Joerg says: “Over the next 18 months, every month we will reduce the period covered by the WPRS by one more month until we’re back to the regular 36 months. During this time, as is the case right now, only the oldest 36 months will see the degradation built into WPRS. All newer comps will remain at full Td value.”