14 Nov 2011

WXC winners of 2010-2011 season

The first official FAI/CIVL World Online XC Contest (WXC) has come to a successful close, the winners are announced and FAI Diplomas are on their way to the top three  pilots in each class.  Some 4663 pilots from 52 nations entered flights in the 2010/2011 WXC via 9 separate networked online contests.

In the PG Open class, the winner is Gerald Ameseder of Austria, flying a UP Edge XR.  With 6 flight distances over 200km, his top flight score of 369.8 points for a 264km triangle, contributed to his 1950 points overall. 
 In second place from Italy is Kurt Eder, on his serial class Advance Omega 8, with 1902 points, and in third place is Dominik Frei of Switzerland with 1768 points on an Ozone R11.3.  The top woman in the PG Open Class is Angela Dachs (GER) on a UP Trango X-Light.   
Kurt Eder also takes first place in the PG Serial Class, followed by Michael Müller (SUI) on a Nova Mentor 2, thereby also giving him first place in the PG Sport Class and the Fun Class!  
In the women’s contest, PG Sport Class, Christine Miller (GER) tops the list on her Icaro Maverick. Having the most fun in the Women’s Fun Class is Marion Karczewski (GER) on an Advance Epsilon 6.
Interestingly, the Class 1 hang glider pilots were not scoring many more points than the paraglider pilots this year!  In first place in the HG Class 1 (flexwing) contest is Markus Ebenfeld (GER), flying an Icaro Laminar Z9, accumulating 1955 points overall.  In second place is Günter Porath, also from Germany, on an Aeros Combat L09, and in third place, David Seaberg (USA) on a  Moyes Litespeed RS3.5.  
Leading the 12 women in the HG Class 1 (flexwing) category is Christine Aichner (GER) on an Aeros Combat L12.  Taking the first place honours in the HG Sport Class (kingposted) on a Seedwings Spyder 15, is Christoph Krismer (AUT).  
Considerably longer flights were logged by the 72 rigid wing pilots. With 2312 points, Toni Raumauf (AUT) tops the list, on an AIR Atos VR 10.  His longest flight is logged at 413km!  
 A total of 51,684 flights were logged, making a cumulative distance of 1,223,975.29km, equivalent to 3.2 times the distance between the earth and the moon!  Online contests not yet networked to WXC are most welcome to join, and it is free of charge.
The full listing and further information can be found at the FAI World Online XC Contest website.

About WXC
The WXC is essentially a network of online contests, completely free of charge to pilots, and requiring no additional effort on their part. Typically, a pilot submits his flights to his chosen online contest. If this online contest is registered and networked to the WXC, his flight will automatically be submitted to the WXC for scoring. Flights can only be submitted through an existing online contest which is signed up to the WXC.

Paraglider Open (FAI-3) 
1) Gerald Ameseder - UP Edge XR (AT)
2) Kurt Eder - Advance Omega 8 (IT)
3) Dominik Frei - Ozone Mantra R10.3 (CH)
1) Angela Dachs (DE) - UP Trango X-Light
2) Sandra Matter (CH) - Advance Omega 8
3) Claudia O. Guimarães Ribeiro (BR) - Sol Torck

Paraglider Serial (any LTF/EN)
1) Kurt Eder - Advance Omega 8 (IT)
2) Michael Müller - Nova Mentor 2 (CH)
3) Johann Tockner - Nova Mentor 2 (AT)
1) Sandra Matter (CH) - Advance Omega 8
2) Claudia O. Guimarães Ribeiro (BR) - Sol Torck
3) Nicole Mclearn (CA) - Gradient Avax XC 3

Paraglider Sport (up to EN-C/ LTF-2)
1) Michael Müller - Nova Mentor 2 (CH)
3) Johann Tockner - Nova Mentor 2 (AT)
3) Johann Kronberger - Nova Mentor 2 (AT)
1) Christine Miller (DE) - Icaro Maverick
2) Andrea Boehringer (CH) - Advance Sigma 7
3) Mirijam Hempel (DE) - Skywalk Cayenne 3 XS

Paraglider Fun (up to EN-B/ LTF1-2)
1) Michael Müller - Nova Mentor 2 (CH)
2) Johann Tockner - Nova Mentor 2 (AT)
3) Johann Kronberger - Nova Mentor 2 (AT)
1) Marion Karczewski - Advance Epsilon 6 (GER) 
2) Julia Zick - Nova Mentor (FRA) 
3) Rachael Evans - Ozone Buzz Z3 (FRA) 

Hang glider Flexwing (FAI-1)
1) Markus Ebenfeld - Icaro Laminar Z9 (DE)
2) Günter Porath - Aeros Combat L09 13 (DE)
3) David Seaberg - Moyes Litespeed RS 3.5 (US)
1) Christine Aichner - Aeros Combat L 12 (DE)
2) Uschi Broich - Moyes Litespeed 3S (AT)
3) Monique Werner - Aeros Combat L 12 (DE)

Hang glider Rigid Wing (FAI-5)
1) Toni Raumauf - AIR Atos VR 10 (AT)
2) Wolfgang Kothgasser - AIR Atos V (AT) 
3) Jochen Zeyher - AIR Atos VR 10 (DE)

Hang glider Flexwing Sport Class (FAI-1)
1) Christoph Krismer – Seedwings Spyder 15 (AUT)
2) Wolfgang Fally - Laminar Eazy (AUT) 
3) Thomas Dandler - Seedwings Spyder 14 (AUT)