29 May 2012

Youngest helicopter pilots qualified for the 14th FAI World Helicopter Championship

The FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) announces the preliminary results of their worldwide search to find the youngest qualified helicopter pilots.

The youngest male helicopter pilot identified so far is Andrew Gibbs of the United States who was just 17 when he qualified on 7th January 2012.

The youngest female pilot also qualified at the age of 17. She is Marlene Floimair (see photograph - She is on the left hand seat of the helicopter with the headset on).

Together with her crew member Gisela Freund they will be competing for Austria in the 14th FAI World Helicopter Championship in Moscow 2012, possibly the youngest couple yet.

The Commission congratulates these youngsters on their skill and performance wishing them every success in their future careers in the Rotorcraft World.

We will bring you further news as we hear it.