FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

F1 Free Flight Rankings

Free Flight Ranking positions on November 1 2018

The purpose of the Free Flight Ranking is to demonstrate the relative merit of performances by competitors on a continued basis. Results are included from all Championships and World Cup events in each class.

The ranking score from an event consists of two components added together:

a) a results part with points awarded on the same basis as the World Cup

b) a ranking position component. This allocates points according to how well a competitor’s performance compares to others – points awarded if he has placed above higher-ranked competitors and points subtracted if he has been beaten by lower-ranked competitors.

The scores form events in the last 12 months are counted in full. Events between 12 and 24 months have scores reduced linearly so that events older than 24 months make no contribution to the ranking. A total of 6 events can be counted to make the competitor’s ranking score, except that all negative scores are counted.

The ranking is evaluated every 2 months. The results contributing to each competitor’s score are shown in the format XY15=nn+pp where XY is the abbreviation for the World Cup event or WC or EC or AC for World, European or Asian Championships, 15 indicates an event in 2015, nn shows the results points (a) and pp shows the ranking position points (b) which will be preceded by + or – sign.

Class F1A

Position Name NAC Ranking score place change since previous ranking Score change since previous ranking Results since last ranking Other contributions to current score Results not contributing to score
1 Anton Gorsky RUS 2972 + 4 + 601 PR18=535+6 MD18=532+6 EL18=570+40 DZ18=548+33 AM18=522+10 NL18=314+26 BD17=0-60 SM18=0-110 KC18=304-6 EC18=260-10 NL17=163+13 EL17=85-23
2 Per Findahl SWE 2612 0 + 7   SL18=587 EC18=575+3 OZ17=533 BC18=533 DK18=518 HL18=518 SL17=0-50 WC17=0-63 KW18=0-110 SZ18=0-136 SM18=0-140 HE18=0-156 NA18=459-3 BU18=451+3 SF17=452 BU17=451 NO18=409-3 DK17=340 SE17=336 BD17=295-4 KC18=253-13 MM18=247-16 EQ17=214-1 PR18=220-16 SE18=217-13 SF18=220-16 BC17=191 HN17=209-23 SZ17=171-5 MD18=184-26 HL17=158 SH17=160-3 SW17=151-1 SW18=163-30 NO17=121-15 KW17=98 NA17=56-6 DZ18=99-50 MM17=45-9
3 Dirk Halbmeier GER 2556 -2 -114   SP18=540 JT18=518 SH18=516 EQ18=414-3 BD17=371+9 NA18=358 SZ17=0-44 EC18=0-123 KW18=355 HE18=319-10 SL17=299+5 SF18=304-10 BU18=299-10 MM18=258-6 HL17=195+4 JP17=199-23 SM17=160-1 BU17=108-34
4 Mikhail Teterin RUS 2402 + 57 + 1206 HO18=438+30 PR18=434+23 MD18=330+20 MG18=331+3 ZA18=233+16 JP17=517+27 AK17=173+2 ZA17=170-14 MG17=147-4 HO17=72-44
5 Mikhail Kosonozhkin RUS 2360 + 1 -4   SL18=486+6 EU17=461+22 ZA17=481+2 KW18=456+13 SF18=456+10 EF18=334+6 MM18=48-60 WC17=0-63 KC17=0-73 SZ18=0-96 BD17=0-129 HL18=316+3 HO17=300-2 CT18=279-10 HE18=257 JP17=239+5 EF17=208-4 NL18=219-20 BU18=204-10 KC18=209-20 NA18=201-13 EL18=178-33 NL17=140-2 SZ17=138-5 HL17=100-3 EL17=99-23 SL17=75-22 OZ16=32-3 HN16=12-9
6 Aviv Balassiano ISR 2348 -2 -158   MM18=562+3 KW18=557+3 NK17=479 BD17=448+19 SL18=385-3 SZ18=357+3 OZ16=0-14 KW17=0-33 HN17=0-76 SM18=0-103 NA18=0-113 SF18=0-126 SM17=303+9 OZ17=280-6 BU18=237-13 EU17=207-25 ZA18=200-23 MC17=185-18 MM17=131+10 NA17=101+10 DZ18=134-43 HO18=125-46 HN16=70+1

Class F1B

1 Albert Bulatov RUS 2781 0 -68   EC18=574+13 EL18=560+3 SV18=424+3 AK17=427 LV18=417+6 MR18=408 BS18=0-23 NA17=0-31 CR18=322 MG18=318-6 NL17=250 MG17=167-13 HE18=146-26 BD17=135-30 NL18=142-43 KW17=81-2 EL17=65-35 MM17=32-14 WC17=73-58
2 Adam Krawiec POL 2645 0 -40   SV18=525 CR18=524 KT18=514 ZA17=459+8 HG18=412 DZ18=415-3 HO17=0-8 NO17=0-17 SP18=0-30 SM18=0-33 WC17=0-35 EC18=0-86 NB17=343-2 ZA18=317-6 KC18=311-6 BD17=279+19 DK17=269+1 SL18=246-6 SZ18=217-13 HO18=206-16 DZ17=186-1 SE17=168 JP17=150-20 SL17=118 HE18=135-36 HG17=96 SZ17=88-8
3 Oleg Kulakovsky UKR 2553 + 2 + 137 HO18=521+6 SL18=550+3 SZ18=543+3 AN18=522+3 NA18=454 HE18=437 SL17=31-34 CB17=0-26 BS18=0-36 VS18=0-40 LV18=0-50 BD17=0-161 EC18=0-173 SR18=416 AN17=353 BS17=321 LV17=320 EF18=298-3 VS17=286-2 MM18=247-13 KU18=207-13 SZ17=181-3 KW18=191-26 NA17=160 KW17=152 ZU17=156-6 JP17=160-20 CR17=147-16 MM17=127 WC17=149-32 EF17=107-32 EU17=117-52 HG17=63-15
4 Alexander Andriukov USA 2437 0 + 16 SR18=517 HC18=506 CN18=506 KU17=477 KW18=449+3 BD17=432+15 NA17=0-37 SR17=0-40 EU17=0-174 WC17=0-217 KU18=421-3 UN18=408-3 HC17=356 CN17=354 HN17=321-6 OZ17=317-6 MM18=283-3 NA18=240-10 EF18=200-13 MM17=156+2 KW17=61-1
5 Maxim Solodov RUS 2352 + 1 -51 MD18=416-3 AM18=518 SW18=408-3 DK18=406-3 NO17=343+3 SE17=334+3 DK17=0-6 BC17=0-10 NO18=0-16 NL17=0-38 PR18=316-6 EL18=307 BC18=309-6 MG17=260 MC17=241-9 SE18=208-13 AK17=161-10 NK17=164-21 MG18=166-23 NL18=164-30 SW17=110-2
6 Stepan Stefanchuk UKR 2282 -3 -298 ZA18=0-43 HG18=513 WC17=467+9 HO17=455 EF18=425-3 JP17=385-2 ZA17=369-2 CB17=0-21 SL17=0-33 LV18=0-50 HE18=0-66 EU17=0-121 VS17=355+2 NA18=353-6 VS18=317-6 ZU17=309+1 AN17=284 EF17=266-2 KW18=235-16 SL18=235-16 SZ18=228-16 HO18=217-10 AN18=218-13 BS18=214-13 BD17=185-7 EC18=204-33 MM18=192-33 HG17=140-1 SZ17=127-3 MM17=97 NA17=71-1 KW17=64-2

Class F1C

1 Nikolay Rekhin RUS 3080 + 1 + 171 HO18=509 ZA18=504 PR18=504 NL18=543+6 AM18=508+3 AT18=503 KZ18=503 EL18=440+3 MD18=403-3 NK17=367-2 MC17=367-2 EL17=286 KZ17=280 AM17=228-1 HE18=160-26 MG17=147-18 AK17=130-24 NL17=87-5 EC18=85-53
2 Volodymyr Sychov SLO 2769 + 1 -85 CT18=510 KC18=509 MD18=504+3 ZA18=0-6 MR18=501 SZ18=462 CR17=420 VS18=0-16 AN17=0-17 CR18=0-20 SZ17=0-21 HE18=0-60 MR17=419 SA17=418 EF17=413 BD17=406 PR18=403 VS17=347 EC18=341-6 SV18=304-6 AN18=304-6 KC17=294-5 SL17=270+1 SL18=266-10 BS17=254-1 LV17=254-1 HO18=256-6 WC17=248-4 ZU17=244-1 CB17=244-1 HG17=216 EU17=199-15
3 Yury Shvedenkov CAN 2725 -2 -277   NA18=518 WC17=442+61 CN18=501 HC18=501 HC17=352 CN17=350 MM18=317-6 BD17=175+27
4 Yuan Gao CHN 2705 + 1 + 61 SR18=505 TU18=507 MC18=505 SC18=407 WW18=406-3 AC18=406-3 MM17=0-1 KW17=0-4 BS18=0-20 SO17=356+7 KU18=308-6 AS18=308-6 MM18=266+6 WC17=175+73 LV18=256-10 AS17=212+2 NA18=181-6 KW18=159-16 NA17=51 BD17=0+7
5 Roy Summersby AUS 2616 + 2 + 164 SR18=404 SC18=508+6 AC18=507+3 WW18=507+3 NA18=417+16 TU18=406 KW17=0-8 MM18=0-23 WC17=0-130 AC17=207-1 DA17=204-1 KU18=206-10 KW18=192-3 SC17=149-2 NA17=61-3
6 Artem Babenko UKR 2604 -2 -85   MM18=519+10 HE18=519+10 SL18=519+6 NL18=442 LV17=317+1 KW18=316 AL17=0-2 BS18=0-23 NA18=0-30 LV18=307-3 EU17=261 SL17=216+1 EL18=165-30 NL17=130-2 BS17=127-6 MM17=119 KW17=115 NA17=91

Class F1E

1 Alexander Winker GER 2917 0 + 281 PE18=530 PM18=326-6 MT18=564+23 CH18=552+20 GV18=535+10 PE17=460 OK17=0-32 TC17=0-65 PM17=282-5 PC17=188-12 WE17=153-18 GV17=133-12 FB17=125-4 EE18=119-23 VL18=109-40 VL17=91-24
2 Jean-Luc Drapeau FRA 2580 0 + 19   FB18=538+16 GC18=540 VA18=520+16 VB18=516+13 PA17=496+15 VL18=433-3 CH17=0-19 FB17=0-37 PE17=0-37 PC17=0-42 TC17=0-45 WE17=0-67 EE18=0-80 CH18=0-90 PC18=0-103 PE18=429 PM18=427 PM17=370+14 OK18=337+10 PA18=327-6 UE18=239-13 TC18=229-13 BG18=224-13 GV18=198-23 BG17=166-9 MT18=183-36 MT17=144 OK17=126+4 NM17=123-5 TZ18=108-53
3 Robert Sifleet USA 2293 + 2 + 182 KO18=403-3 SI18=302-6 CA18=513 CE18=503+3 RE17=470 CE17=341 ZE17=0-12 KE18=0-46 WE17=0-61 TC17=0-114 CA17=281-5 KE17=85
4 Daniel Bildea ROU 2172 -1 -246   PC17=450+8 UE18=442+3 EE18=432+6 WE17=353+4 PA17=305-5 TC17=294 PC18=0-120 BG17=208-12 PA18=192-20 GC18=126-40 TZ18=119-43
5 Marian Popescu ROU 2166 -1 + 2   UE18=543+30 PA18=529+33 GC18=439+26 PC18=224+43 BG18=191+6 TC18=163+20 PC17=47-58 CH18=0-70 MT18=172+6 TZ18=141-13 WE17=144-24 EE18=91-10
6 Mike Richardson USA 2098 + 4 + 270 SI18=403 KO18=0-10 CA17=468+5 CA18=412+6 KE18=313+3 CE17=273 ZE17=234-2 KE17=0-1 CE18=0-6  


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