FAI members are defined as follows, according to the FAI Statutes :

  • Active Member of FAI : A national organisation that represents the greatest number of aeronautic and astronautic disciplines in its Country and has been elected to represent that Country in the FAI.
  • Associate Member of FAI : A national organisation or aero club which represents in FAI only one branch of air sports or astronautics in its Country.
  • Temporary Member of FAI : A national organisation that is a candidate for Active or Associate Membership of the FAI and that has been admitted by General Conference to a temporary and restricted form of membership.
  • International Affiliate Member of FAI: An international organisation, concerned with aeronautics or of FAI astronautics, that has been elected to membership in FAI.

For rights and duties of each category, please read the dedicated part of the FAI Statutes (2.4.2. for Active, 2.5.2. for Associate, 2.7.2. for Temporary, 2.6.2. for Internationale Affiliate).

Before you send your application, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the FAI Statutes stipulate that associations / federations wishing to apply must have a national jurisdiction, which means representing a discipline or, more general, air sport on a national level. If you can you assure that your association is acting as such, then please proceed.

Application package

You need first to contact FAI Members Manager and you will then receive in return a package of documents including:

  • an introduction letter - to carefully read
  • guidelines on how to proceed - to carefully read
  • the scale of subscriptions - check the membership fees applicable for your organization
  • a questionnaire - to fill in and send back
  • the membership section of the FAI Statutes and By-Laws - to carefully read


  1. After you receive the package from FAI Memberes Manager, please send back all the documents needed and mentionned in the guidelines (letter of intention of application where you mention the type of membership you wish, questionnaire, your Statutes, recognition letter from a governmental organization if any, payment of the applicable fee) - NB : For Associate membership applications: if there is already a NAC in the country, the applicant is requested to provide evidence that the NAC is in agreement
  2. After we receive your complete package back (application will not be considered if any item is missing), we will issue and send you the corresponding invoice
  3. After we receive your payment, your application will be presented to the FAI Executive Board for approval and in case of a positive outcome, you can benefit immediately from the Members rights
  4. Your application will then be presented to the FAI General Conference in the same year for ratification.


If you are an individual please contact the FAI Member in your country!