It is compulsory to hold a valid FAI sporting license from your National Airsport Control Organisation (NAC) to participate in all FAI-sanctioned events (Category 1 and 2). Please note that the FAI Sporting Code - General Section, Item 8.1.3 says:  A Sporting Licence shall only be considered issued and valid, if the holder is listed on the FAI Sporting Licence database by the NAC that is issuing the particular Sporting License.


IF YOU ARE A COMPETITOR, please directly contact the FAI member (NAC - National Airsport Control) in your country. The FAI does not issue FAI Sporting licences. Only NACs do.

If you have any questions, please contact the FAI.


IF YOU ARE A FAI MEMBER ORGANISATION (a NAC or a national body empowered to issue FAI Sporting Licences on behalf of the FAI)

Please make sure to upload in the database and update on a regular basis all valid data relating to the FAI Sporting Licences issued by your country.