Latest record claims

Sport Subclass Type of record Performancesort descending Date Claimant Status ID
Space records K_Absolute Accumulated space flight time 17 Apr 1970 James A. Lovell (USA) ratified - superseded since approved 9734
Powered Aeroplanes C-1f Speed over a recognised course 25 Jun 1961 Robert W. Fero (USA) ratified - retired by changes of the sporting code 16476
Powered Aeroplanes C.bis Speed over 100 km 26 Sep 1927 S.N. Webster (GBR) ratified - superseded since approved 11070
Parachuting G-1 Lowest Score after 10 rounds 0.02 m 10 Dec 2013 Thomas Jeannerot (FRA) ratified - current record 16996