Current events

21 Jun
22 Jun 2018
2018 Kazakhstan World Cup

FAI World and continental championships (CAT.1)

19 Mar
22 Mar 2018
2018 FAI F1D World Championships for Free Flight Indoor Model Aircraft
West Baden, Indiana,
07 Jul
14 Jul 2018
2018 FAI F4 World Championships for Scale Model Aircraft
08 Jul
14 Jul 2018
2018 FAI F3K European Championship for Model Gliders
14 Jul
19 Jul 2018
2018 FAI F2 World Championships for Control Line Model Aircraft
21 Jul
27 Jul 2018
2018 FAI F5 World Championships for Electric Model Aircraft

Other FAI-Sanctioned events (CAT.2)

03 Feb 2018
2018 F1N Indoor open Ceminac
08 Feb
09 Feb 2018
2018 Gran Bretana Atlantic High Speed Duo
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria,
10 Feb
12 Feb 2018
2018 Kiwi World Cup of New Zealand
Lost Hills, California,
10 Feb
11 Feb 2018
2018 Gran Canaria Atlantic High Speed Duo
Las Palmas, Gran Canaria,
14 Feb 2018
2018 North American Cup of Canada
Lost Hills, California,


The FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) conducts FAI's aeromodelling and spacemodelling activities, in particular World Records and International Competitions.

Aeromodelling, although it did not yet bear that name, predates “full-size” aviation. The greatest pioneers of human flight, from Cayley, Lilienthal, the Wrights and Levavasseur to Blériot, Ferber, Farman and Messerschmitt, initially used model aircraft to test the solutions they were in the process of designing. This just goes to show how long the history of aeromodelling is. Model aircraft contests were organised as early as 1905, designed as entertaining and accessible sideshows inspired by a gradual emergence of powered aeroplanes.

Aeromodelling swiftly gained popularity from the 1930s onwards. Radio control was not yet highly developed – and was not to be so until the 1950s – so it was almost exclusively free flying and control-line aircraft that were used.

Shortly before the Second World War, the first international competitions were organised in England and Germany.

1955 saw the début of aerobatics in competition. The first world championships were held five years later. Model spacecraft were invented in the early 1960s in the United States and the first world championships were held in 1972.

Aeromodelling today is above all the most significant FAI discipline in terms of numbers of flyers: it has been estimated that there are more than a million enthusiasts all over the world. There are now a great many aeromodelling categories, be it for aeroplanes (extensible engines, piston engine, jet engine, electric and even solarpowered engines), seaplanes, gliders, helicopters and space models.

CIAM World Cups