Latest record claims

Sport Subclass Type of record Performancesort descending Date Claimant Status ID
Space records K_Absolute Accumulated space flight time 17 Apr 1970 James A. Lovell (USA) ratified - superseded since approved 9734
Space records K_Absolute Absolute distance Precision landing: 6.21 km 21 Jul 1966 John Watts Young (USA) ratified - superseded since approved 10285
Space records P-1 Number of people in suborbital flight 1 29 Sep 2004 Michael W. Melvill (USA) ratified - current record 9862
Space records K-1 Greatest mass lifted to altitude 1 832.51 kg 05 May 1961 Alan B. Shepard, Jr (USA) ratified - current record 9520



The FAI Astronautic Records Commission (ICARE) appraises and administers manned spaceflight record activities.

History of Manned Spaceflight

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