Drone soccer is a team sport in which two teams play against each other to score the highest number of goals in their opponent’s goal ring. This air sport combines radio controlled drone flying with soccer.

Fun to both watch and play, drone soccer is an amazing sport that takes traditional football to a whole new level – literally!

Drone Soccer has been included in the FAI Sporting Code as a provisional class (F9A) since 1st May 2019.

Drone soccer explained

Played indoor or outdoor in a predetermined “flying zone” measuring up to 20m x 10m, drone soccer matches consist of three sets lasting three minutes each.

The drones in play, which are operated by drone pilots standing at either end of the pitch, are encased in protective orbs lit up using colourful LED lights – enabling both players and spectators to easily identify members of the different teams.

Only one player on each team - the “striker” - can score by flying his or her drone through the circular goal post placed 3m to 3.5 m above ground. The remaining players must help their striker or prevent the opposition’s ‘striker’ scoring by protecting their goal.