114th FAI General Conference


02 Dec
05 Dec 2020




1200 –1430 UTC

Session B

1900 –2100 UTC


2 Dec 2020

- Opening

- Statutes changes with immediate effect

- Report FAI President

- Report FAI Secretary General

- Finances 2019

- Discharge FAI Executive Board

Awards Ceremony


Backup Session



3 Dec 2020

- Statutes Changes

- FAI membership

- Election CASI members *)

- Election Vice-Presidents

Backup Session


4 Dec 2020

- Finances 2020 year-to-date

- FAI Budget 2021

Backup Session


5 Dec 2020

- Companions of Honour (appointment)

- FAI President

-- nomination, presentation, election

- FAI Executive Board

-- presentation, election

- Future FAI General Conferences

- Closing

CASI Plenary Meeting

(Bureau election)*)

1900 –2000


Backup Session

2000 –2100

Note: ‘Session A’ is the scheduled official session for the General Conference. ‘Session B’ is the backup session to address any unfinished business of the ‘Session A’. The FAI President (or appointed chair of the GC) will determine if the backup session will be activated or not and announce this at the end of ‘session A’ each day.

In case the agenda items of a session have been dealt with early, the session will finish early. No items on the agenda will bebrought forward from the next day.

FAI General Air Sport Commission (CASI)

*) CASI will hold its Plenary prior to the FAI General Conference. Further details will be provided by CASI.

After the election of the CASI Members during the FAI General Conference, an electronic process will be launched among the CASI members to call for ‘nominations of candidates for the CASI Bureau’.

The election of the CASI Bureau will take placeafter the FAI General Conference during the planned session.

CASI will provide informationabout the process in a separate communication in due course.