114th FAI General Conference


02 Dec
05 Dec 2020

Awards Ceremony

The FAI Awards Ceremony 2020 honoured the greatest contributions to aeronautics and astronautics on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

A total of 44 women and men from around the world were announced as the recipients of FAI diplomas or medals. All of them are air sports and space personalities, who have distinguished themselves in the various air sports and activities governed by FAI.

Due to the pandemic, the ceremony took place online in the format of an Awards Announcement.

FAI President Bob Henderson stated: “For FAI it was crucial to keep our annual Awards Ceremony, albeit in a different format, as it is truly the signature highlight of our Federation. It is the moment when we recognise the women and men whose dedication, passion, skill and talent have elevated air sports and space further and higher. It is the recognition of the essence of our community – the people who are FAI.

“Over the years, we have grown, evolved and diversified, and so have our distinctions. Our General Awards and Awards for Individual Disciplines cover all the activities currently under the umbrella of our Federation, from ballooning to space, and the environment.

“In that sense, it is interesting to see how the history of aviation and space exploration is told through the names of our awards: the Lilienthal Gliding Medal, the Paul Tissandier Diploma and the Charles Lindbergh General Aviation Diploma, to name a few. These prestigious pioneers shaped history; they inspired, and continue to inspire, generations of pilots.

“The awardees, both people and organisations, honoured by FAI this year follow in their illustrious footsteps. I warmly congratulate them for their well-deserved FAI Medals and Diplomas.”

The FAI Awards Ceremony is part of the federation’s General Conference, which is held online over four days from 2nd to 5th December.

FAI General Awards

FAI Gold Space Medal
Yury GAGARIN (Russia)

FAI Silver Medal
Sergey KISELIOV (Russia)

FAI Bronze Medal
Emil GIEZENDANNER (Switzerland)

Diploma for Outstanding Airmanship
Crew of the Ural Airlines Flight 178 (Pilot in command Damir Yusupov) (Russia)

FAI Group Diplomas of Honour
Australian Aerobatic Club (Australia)
Hong Kong Drone Sports Association (Hong Kong, China)
Club Las Candelas Paramotores (Spain)
Cathay Pacific Airways (Hong Kong, China)
LLC Aviastroitel (Russia)
The Energia Corporation (Russia) – Astronautics

Paul Tissandier Diplomas
Chris BROWNHILL (Canada)
Alexei EZZHOV (Russia)
Bengt-Eric FONSELL (Sweden)
John GRUBBSTRÖM (Sweden)
András GYÖNGYÖSI (Hungary)
Pál HÁRSFALVI (Hungary)
Pauline HICKEY (New Zealand)
Grahame HILL (Australia)
Roger HOPKINSON MBE (United Kingdom)
Ian KIRKPATRICK (New Zealand)
Vladimir KOCHKIN (Russia)
Peter Ernest MILLS (Hong Kong, China)
Cassandra MOLLER (Australia)
Professor Dr. Roland MÜLLER (Switzerland)
Pedro Jaime QUIROGA ESCALERA (Chile)
Jose Manuel REBELO DA COSTA (Portugal)
Nikolay RODIONOV (Russia)
Paul RUDOLF (Switzerland)
Kosta STOJANOVSKI (North Macedonia)
Malin TORELL (Sweden)
Peter TOWNSEND (Australia)
Cliff WHITTAKER (United Kingdom)

FAI Awards for Individual Disciplines

Charles Lindbergh General Aviation Diploma
Jan CHUDY (Slovakia)

Lilienthal Gliding Medal
Gisela WEINREICH (Germany)

Leonardo Da Vinci Diploma

FAI Gold Parachuting Medal
Urs FRISCHKNECHT (Switzerland)

Aeromodelling Gold Medal
Ingemar LARSSON (Sweden)

Andrei Tupolev Aeromodelling Medal
Jan SEDLACEK (Czech Republic)

Alphonse Penaud Aeromodelling Diploma
Jan SEDLACEK (Czech Republic)

Antonov Diploma
Peter HALMAN (United Kingdom)

Gold Rotorcraft Medal
Quentin SMITH (United Kingdom)

Leon Biancotto Diploma
Roland KÜNG (Switzerland)

Phoenix Group Diploma
Guy BLACK (United Kingdom)