116th FAI General Conference


01 Nov
03 Nov 2022


Day 3 - Thursday 3 November


  • Approval of BDO as auditors for the Financial Year 2023
  • Approval of FAI membership fees 2023
  • Approval of FAI Budget 2023

Election of FAI President:

  • David Monks, United Kingdom, re-elected

Election of FAI Executive Directors:

  • Andy Chau, Hong Kong, China, elected
  • Agust Gudmundsson, Iceland, re-elected
  • Eric Mozer, USA, re-elected
  • Patrick Naegeli, United Kingdom, re-elected
  • Marina Vigorito, Italy, re-elected
  • Graeme Windsor, Australia, re-elected


  • Commissions reports part 1: CIVL, IGC, CIMP, ICARE
  • Report Financial Situation (Q1-Q3 2022 and year end-estimate 2022)

Future FAI General Conferences:

  • Update on the preparations of the 117th General Conference 2023 (Dayton, Ohio, USA, 26-27 October 2023) were presented by the host
  • Bids are open for the 118th General Conference 2024

day 2 - Wednesday 2 November


  • FAI Code of Ethics: withdrawn for further study
  • FAI Disciplinary Code: approved for implementation for January 2023
  • Presented Statutes proposals approved
  • Election CASI Members: Sweden, United States of America, Czech Republic, Spain, Australia
  • Election of Vice-Presidents: list of candidates approved


  • FAI constitutional matters
  • FAI membership report
  • New FAI member welcomed (Active, class 10): Pakistan Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association - PHPA
  • Temporary membership for 2023: granted for Laos and Paraguay
  • Membership class change of Greece: approved
  • Commissions reports part 1: CIACA, ISC, CASI, CIA, CIAM, CIG, CIMA, CIVA, GAC

Day 1 - Tuesday 1 November


  • Minutes of 115th General Conference 2021 approved
  • Approval of the FAI Accounts 2021 and discharge of the FAI Executive Board for the Financial Year 2021


  • Report from FAI President David Monks
  • Report from FAI Secretary General Markus Haggeney
  • 2021 Financial Report