2019 FAI Wingsuit Flying events


23 Aug
30 Aug 2019
  • 1st FAI European Wingsuit Flying Championship
  • 3rd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying

How to register:

You cannot register by yourself: your NAC have to register you and your team to the competition as an authorised national team. 

All the needed details, included accommodation, dates, budget etc. is in Bulletin #1

14 July 2019

Bulletin #2 has now been published on this website, either click on the link or follow the menu - Events - IPC Events - 1st FAI European Wingsuit Flying Championships/3rd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying - Bulletin #2

Here we have a note of any changes made since Bulletin #1 (nothing significant) and a list of those NAC's and their registrated teams for the Championships/World Cup.

We have a total of 18 Nations registered to take part:  All 18 are entering Peformance Flying competitors - a total of 52 Flyers.  4 Nations have registered Acrobatic Flying teams; a total of 16 teams.

It is going to be busy in the sky over Ravenna, Italy between the 23rd-27th August 2019.