28 Nov 2017

Day 4 - 1st day of actual competition - Dubai

Alberto Martin Paracellos (Jury member) and Bjorn Korth (EJ) talk first thing to the Manifester

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*** The Schedule for tomorrow is posted at the foot of the page ***

Tuesday, 28th November 2017

Manifest first thing this morning.  The loads are displayed and the Event confirmed as Speed with the plan to complete 3 rounds today. 

Regan Tetlow, our announcer,  is doing a great job out at 'the ponesterd' keeping the crowd and jumpers informed as each pilot flies as fast as they can down the carved Speed course.  It is really great to see the results coming up (click on the Results button above) as each result is confirmed by the judges.    

10.15 and we are mid-way through Round 3 - an exciting first day here in Dubai, with the local jumpers doing well.   By 10.35 we had completed round 3 apart from 2 rejumps.  At the moment - according to the unconfirmed scores (Confirmed when signed off by the Chief Judge) Nick Batsch is in first place, with Curt Bartholomew second (both USA) and Cedric Veiga Rios (FRA) in third. 

One of the jobs of the FAI Controller is to randomly check weights - to ensure no one is trying to gain an advantage - and Speed is the task where weight adds an advantage - so our FAI Controller, Mike Teague, was out on the DZ this morning.

FAI Controller checking Mike Teague, FAI ControllerFAI Controller discussing weight
FAI Controller notes weight against masterlistMike Teague, FAI ControllerDiscussing weights - all fine

12.20pm and we are still waiting for the last rejump - of the 4 awarded, 3 were to the same competitor and he is the one we are waiting for!   Also, following the agreement with Skydive Dubai these rejumps have to be fitted in with their parachuting programme.   12.35 the last rejump is in the air.  

Carving the Speed Course

One of the competitors flying the carve of the speed course.

Landing after his 3rd jump is Chris Lynch, one of the UK Competitors  who was at all three of the first World Cups in Canopy Piloting - the 1st FAI World Cup in Perris, USA 2003, the 2nd - Lake Wales, USA 2004 and 3rd - Stubenberg, Austria in 2005 - things have changed.  He believes he is the only competitor who was at the 1st and here  at the 9th -Pablo Hernandez, Spain was at the 2nd as an Intermediate (when there were diffeerent categories).  Chris said that at the time of the 1st World Championships he no longer competed as he was unhappy with with way the rules (a cut off) were developing.  He is very happy today with no cut off and concentrating on one event at a time. 

Chris  Lynch UK




The Jury received their first protest - which they rejected - this afternoon.  It will be posted on this website, under the Documents tab on the main page, or see the links at the end of this article.  

Jury President:  Gillian Rayner 

Jury Members:  Alberto  Martin Paracuellos and Peter Pfalzgraf





Tentative Schedule Wednesday 29th November 2017

Competition 2nd day 9th FAI WC CP 2017


1. Departure buses/cars hotels - competition site:  
 1.1 From Hotel Ibis Style Dragon Mart:                         Departure:                 05:45h
 1.2 From Hotel Grand Excelsior, Al Barsha:                  Departure06:30h
2.Competition continues:           07:30h - 11:00h; planned event: "Distance" 3 jumps 
                                                 15 minutes call:07:05h
                                                  First take off07:30h
 Drop altitude: 5,500 feet AGL  
3.Lunch:                                      12:00h - 14:00h at the DZ, dining tent. 
4.Departure buses/cars competition site - hotels:13:00h and 15:00h
5.Remark: The planned "Gala Dinner" (see provisional schedule) has been re-scheduled from 29th November to 01st December 2017 (details will be announced in time). 

Have a restful afternoon , good luck and all the best for the competition tomorrow! 


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