28 Oct 2018

Excitement Mounts on the last day of the World Cup here in Bahrain!

Well, it wouldn't be a World Meet without rain!   Photo credit: Abdullah Minhas

Sunday 28th October 2018:  The last day of competition and already the air is charged with excitement! Indoor meets move at a very fast pace and are over inn a blink of an eye!  This morning we start off with Formation Skydiving - Round 7 for the Juniors and Round 9 for Open, Female and VFS!

The FS judges are working as fast as they can in determining the results, but despite the pace, they need to keep focused to do their job, so can't be rushed. We await with baited breath for the final scores for France and Hayabusa's Round 9!  Everyone knows this is going to be France's year for the Gold Medal in 4-Way Open, indeed the scores for Round 9 show that France has extended their lead over Hayabusa by 14 points - 319 to 305, as they head into their final round.

Do take a moment to check out the LIVE STREAM headed up by Regan Tetlow able assisted by Rai Ahmed and Lesley Gale!

Likewise we await the score of the GBR's NFTO girls team, but it's pretty obvious that France's team in 2nd place, had a bad flight in Round 9 scoring just 17 points - with several of the back markers scoring 18, 20 and 21. NFTO scored 22 points making them unassaible the Gold Medalists as they enter Round 10.