26 Oct 2018

Interim Bureau Decision 18 - the 'Absolute' rule

Following a request from the Jury at the 3rd World Cup of Indoor Skydiving the Bureau has issued the following Interim Bureau Decision regarding the use of the "absolute" rule relating to panels of 5 judges.

In outdoor Formation Skydiving competitions (FCE's) when panels of 5 judges are used and a judge calls an "Absolute" when questioning a judgement decision on a point and it is viewed again specifically to consider that point, a change may be made on a 4-1 majority.  However in Indoor Skydiving the rules call for judgement panels of 3 judges and the "Absolute" rule may only be enacted with a total majority of all three judges in agreement.

In Bahrain the FS Chief Judge decided to use panels of 5 for judging and as a consequence had asked that the 4-1 majority in relation to an "Absolute" call may be used.  The Jury felt this was outside their remit and called for an IBD on this rule change.  Following consultation with the FS Committee the Bureau decided unanimously to allow this and issued IBD - 18

The IBD can me found by following the above link or going to Documents - IPC - Interim Bureau Decisions - 2018.